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Anonymous asked: You never update anymore


ok heres a quick update for yiz

So coming up to the end of my first year in college, still loving it but getting really intense. I’m applying for fashion next year and the competition is 52 people competing for 15 places so yeah very intense. On the ED side of things, I’m doing well at the moment. I’m back to a healthy weight and have just this week started working out again for the first time since I was 16 which is pretty liberating but VERY difficult to begin since I have absolutely no muscle. During Easter I went to Thailand with my family, I was absolutely dreading it because I’ve never gone on holiday that wasn’t riddled with ED compulsions and behaviors and that was the first ever that I came back from it feeling really happy. I’m back in Ireland now, I’m not seeing a team at the moment but am on osteoporosis sachets twice a day. Uhmm…yeah I guess that’s it.

oh and i never update anymore because i think tumblr is extremely dangerous to anyone in recovery and i think that all recovery blogs are bullshit <3


You know that saying going around on the fitblrs - “Eat for the body you want, not for the body you have.”

I really wish it was “Eat for the mind you want, not for the mind you have.”

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halloweeentown asked: Omg, our names are only off my 1 letter. I'm Jillian


Hey Jillian :)

Anonymous asked: What is your current lifestyle? Do you go out alot, is everything going OK at college etc


Yeah at the moment I’m in Dubai for Christmas visiting my family and been having a pretty hectic few days but really enjoyable. When I’m in college, I’m working most of the time. I do not have a single day where I have no work to do, it’s not easy and it’s hard for me to find time for myself, so when the holidays come, I do go a bit mental in all honesty. I’d been out 3 nights in a row the 3 nights before my flight and had slept 13 hours in 4 days so yeah I’ve been going out a lot recently but in a normal week I’ll go out maybe 1 night. Everything is going SO good at college, I could not be happier

Anonymous asked: you really looklike the singer of The Script!! :D


I’ve never heard that and I kind of disagree but thank you I guess!

Anonymous asked: what was your lowest BMI? did you need to get taken to the hospital or just into treatment?


Sorry not comfortable posting my lowest BMI and I went to hospital because they said I could have a heart attack at any moment and my heart beat half the speed it should

Anonymous asked: At what point did you realise you had an eating disorder?


The second time I went into treatment was a clue. Totally in denial for my first treatment which is why it didn’t work, but now I look back I was clearly in a lot of trouble. For my parents, it was when they realised I was hiding my over-excercising from them, but for me I think it didn’t really sink in that I was sick until I was about 3 months into actually putting my all into treatment

Anonymous asked: Hi there mate. I was just checking out the manorexia tag (Sorry to use the term but it's pretty much the only way you'll find stories about guys), and I stumbled on your blog. Let me just say you're pretty much a role model. I hope you're over it (As I am, fortunately) and that you get more people inspired to move on from those terrible days. Have a great weekend, yeah? ;)


THIS is the reason I like people sending me asks :D So nice of you, I think I am mostly over it though there are still some loose ends I need to tie up but I’m doing really well at the moment, thank you. You have a great weekend too!

Anonymous asked: if u wer a kitten i would roast you on my fishingboat yesterday


Anonymous asked: Hey! are u top, bottom or versa? sorry if its weird question x


yes, it is. move along